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You can truly have the best of both worlds - quality and price. Wareables lenses are the ultimate combination of reliability and economy. We exhaust all global resources to provide the latest technology in lenses - with the most durable coatings already included - to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings imaginable. And we're not exaggerating about the savings. You will sell more lenses to more receptive customers because Wareables lenses are priced lower than other comparable lenses.

It's a WIN-WIN situation all around.

See an online presentation of our Stealth™15 product.

For more information on our Wareables lenses, select from one of the following product lines

Single Vision
Jazz PC Aspheric
Lumina PC 1.60 Index


High Index

Lumina Polycarbonate
Jazz FT 28 Poly
Stealth 15 CR39
Stealth 15 Transitions
Stealth 15 Triova
Stealth 15 Lumina 1.60 Index

Stealth 15 CR39 Polaware Stealth 15 Transitions


Stealth 15 Triova

High Index


  • Exceptional durability on our photochromics
  • Nontintable hardcoat
  • Super scratch resistance on both sides of lens
  • PLUS UV protection


  • Hardcoating that is truly durable
  • A/R that vastly improves scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic for easy cleaning


  • U/V protection to guard against the sun and help prevent cataracts
  • Hardcoat that is truly durable
  • A/R that vastly improves scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic for easy cleaning
  • Hardcoat that is durable and tintable
  • Uncoated

Free Displays

WareablesTM Aspheric Display

The advantages of aspherics are depicted clearly by our WareablesTM PC display. "PC" stands for Peripheral Clarity and it is obvious that the PC lens provides clearer vision all the way out to the edge of the lens.

Thinness is the other advantage of our PC lenses. The center thickness ot the standard lens and PC lens are contrasted by bisected lenses.

When patients understand the visual benefits and the light-weight comfort of the lens, they are grateful for the education and are happy to up grade to a better lens.


Thin, light lenses which are durable are the best sellers our industry. Our SlimsTM display shows the edge thickness of a standard lens and a SlimsTM lens. The choice is easy and the added benefits are worth the few extra pennies.


Our incredible factory-applied TripleWarePlusTM coating is demonstrated very convincingly with this display. Half the lens on the display has the coating and the other half does not. The patient can take the steel wool on the display and try scratching the lens. You know what happens.

The other benefits of TripleWarePlusTM are also listed: 90% less glare, easy to clean and UV protection.

Same Day Shipping

Quick, responsive service. Yes, really. Same-day shipping in most cases. We keep ample inventories at all times. Our premium coatings and high index lenses are ready to go when you call. And with UPS and Airborne based in our area, we have best services available.

for the East Coast: Call us - even at the end of your day - and at your request we can ship lenses for you to receive the next day.

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